Wexford Business Awards Graham Scallan

Graham is Shortlisted for Business Person of the year award 2015.

Graham is Shortlisted for Business Person of the year award 2015.

This award recognises a business person who has made a significant contribution to his/her business through innovation, services or ideas that have led to genuine business growth.

This award aims to acknowledge outstanding achievement of key personnel in their aptitude for business, commitment to the profession and their ability to consistently meet high standards of business excellence. To recognise the important contribution made to customers and the culture of the organisation in terms of innovation, teamwork, leadership and vision.

Businesses can nominate individuals or individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by other associated professionals.


  • A person who displays innovation that demonstrates improved business performance and/or improved customer satisfaction.
  • A person who every day displays the utmost professionalism, privacy and diplomacy.
  • A person who is enthusiastic and motivated to get results and to add value to the company.
  • Someone who acts on their initiative and makes daily improvements in the organisation- simple changes that increase efficiencies and creates revenue.
  • A person who is an exceptional fit to the company both internally and externally and who goes above and beyond their role for the sake of the organisation.

Wexford Business Person of the Year Award Finalists:

Graham Scallan
James O’Connor
Michelle O’Grady
Tony Ennis
Neil Hughes
Gemma Hayes
Tatjana Stahlberg