Business Solution WexfordEveryone in business needs to take a helicopter view from time to time and that’s where Graham steps in. I will be brutally honest and realistic while offering constructive advice and direction.

As an ongoing Mentor I can provide supportive guidance on a regular basis and give a ‘wake-up call’ if it is needed. That way you can face your business challenges head on and hopefully come out a ‘winner’! This is done through pre-agreed regular meetings with additional pre-agreed e/tele-meetings via phone or skype video.

I’ll help you to:

  • Clarify your business’s focus and identify key issues
  • Understand what your real business options are
  • Establish the right achievable goals that suit your core competencies
  • Develop a plan of action geared for success

Contact us

First consultation

Agree scope of works

Sign consultancy agreement

Commence working relationship

Continuously monitor and review progress

Fees are flexible depending on your requirements and budget. I offer  my clients expert advice and guarantee value for my fees.

Graham does not tie you to a contract,  but does ask for a fair amount of time to be given in order for the changes to work!